During my final semester at Uni, I took a book making class. Along with 4 other photography students I self-published a book about our hometown, Staten Island, entitled A Floating World. This is the project I worked on for the book:


Staten Island is a borough of New York City filled with centuries of history and changing demographics. Over the past hundreds of years Staten Island has welcomed the changing of time, as well as the shift of purpose, or redesign of old and new buildings and businesses.

For this project I explored Staten Island neighborhoods to expose the overlapping of time, the juxtaposition of old and new, in their commercial and public areas. Today there are increasing numbers of new developments on this Island, as well as the rest of the United States. Yet, unlike many places which are predominantly freshly developed, Staten Island still maintains many old structures and signs which contain subtle visual time stamps of being constructed in a time long past. Although having indelible significations of their past, many older areas of Staten Island sites have also been revamped throughout the years to suit the changing needs of their inhabitants.

Since my goal of this project was to capture the changing environments and overlapping of different styles and times, I chose to use my DSLR to capture certain environments in the Staten Island neighborhoods of Travis and Port Richmond. Besides, the flexibility of being able to capture many images on a small format device, I thought it was very important that these images were captured in color, to show the fading of former times blending into the present. Also, for my purposes in this project I wanted to create images of implied stamps of time that are all invisibly digitally time stamped.

My goal is that this project will provide visual evidence of the individuality and rich history possessed by Staten Island areas of exchange, as they exist in the present.