Memory Project created in 2010.

Memory (n) a person, thing or event remembered.
In this project I wanted to use fragments of people and things to evoke memories of a larger event. To achieve this goal I took images of friends, their clothing, flowers and scenery from a May Day picnic I fabricated for this project, created digital negatives and cyanotype prints of these images and then placed themwithin a simple hand-made book.
Although the book and images are based off a personal memory of mine, by using fragments I hoped the viewer would be able to make their own stories for my images and details remembered. Therefore, I decided to leave the contents and construction of the book very sparse; there is no excess information given to the audience besides the images, the definition of memory and some smudged, unidentifiable markings. I hope that by placing the images inside a book construction, viewers will be able to actively enjoy my book of fragmented detail while making their own memories.

**stumbling upon these book scans reminded me that I need to produce some fresh cyanotypes this summer.